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On 10 May 1940, a dogfight broke out between Switzerland and Germany. Many Swiss Bf 109s encountered a German Dornier Do 17 near the border in Bütschwil. During the ensuing shooting, Dornier was hit and forced to land near Altenrhein. Cow American Flag Jungle Sunshine Canvas. On June 1, the Swiss Air Force launched 12 Bf 109 E-1s against 36 unmanned Heinkel He 111 aircraft of the Kampfgeschwader squadron 53 that were crossing Swiss airspace to attack. the Lyon - Marseilles railway system. The Swiss Air Force suffered its first loss in this battle when Lieutenant Rudolf Rickenbacher was killed as a fuel tank on his Bf 109 was blown up by bullets fired from the Heinkel. However the Swiss Emil shot down six He 111.


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