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Albania, located in the southeastern corner of Europe, once inhabited people from prehistoric times and was the settlement of the Illyria people, perhaps the ancestors of modern-day Albanians. Alphabet heartbeat nurse shirt. In the midst of powerful empires, Albania has always been in violence throughout its history. The Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetian and the Ottomans all came here, leaving cultural imprints as well as ruins. Archaeological research shows the present lands of Albanians who first lived from the Paleolithic Age (Stone Age). The first areas with settlers are those with suitable climatic and geographical conditions. In Albania, the earliest settlements were discovered in the Gajtan cave (Shkodra), in Konispol, at Mount Dajti, in Saranda. Pieces of Cyclopean structures, discovered in Kretsunitsa, Arinishta, and other points in Gjirokastra district.


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