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Not long after that, the fire spread to the deck, heat and smoke caused the jetty to be unusable. Baby Eeyore And Pooh shirt. At 10:46, Admiral Nagumo switched his flag to the light cruiser Nagara. [Note 10] Akagi's engine stopped working and he died standing in the middle of the sea at 13:50; The crew, except for the captain Taijiro Aoki and the damaged control teams, were allowed to evacuate. It burned all night but did not sink while the crew desperately fought against the spreading fire. [117] [Note 11] The damaged control teams were finally ordered to evacuate, as well as is the captain of Aoki. At 04:50 on June 5, Yamamoto ordered the sinking of Akagi. He told his staff: "Once I was Akagi's captain, and with real pain when I had to order it." [123] The destroyers Arashi, Hagikaze, Maikaze and Nowaki, each launched a torpedo, and the aircraft carrier sunk at 5: 20 minutes with its fore-tip at 30 ° 30 °B 178 ° 40′T; 267 people in the crew were killed by the ship, the lowest number of all other Japanese carriers lost in this battle. [10] [Note 13] The loss of Akagi along with three ships Another fleet fleet at Midway, consisting of two-thirds of the fleet fleet and the core fleet of No 1 fleet, was a serious strategic defeat for the Japanese side, contributing significantly to Japan's last defeat in the war. [125] [126] In an attempt to hide the failure, Akagi was not allowed to immediately withdraw from the Naval Register, but was listed as a "non-payroll" ship until it was removed from the list on September 25 1942


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