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At 7:15, Admiral Nagumo ordered B5N planes on Kaga and Akagi to retool with bombs for another attack on Midway itself. The Beatles let it be shirt. This process was prolonged due to limited number of ammunition trucks used to carry bombs and torpedoes as well as insufficient ammunition lift. This means that torpedoes cannot be stored until the bomb has been removed from the magazine, assembled and mounted on the aircraft. This process normally lasts an hour and a half, and it takes more time to get the plane onto the flight deck, warm up the engine and launch it. At around 10:40, he reversed the order after receiving word from one of the reconnaissance planes that discovered American warships. [90] Out of ammunition, three of Akagi's battle patrol Zero landed at 07:26. [91] At 7:40, the only reconnaissance aircraft of the carrier returned from the search mission, nothing was found.


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