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The evangelist Mark brought Christianity to Egypt in the first century. Firefighter keep calm and gear up American flag shirt. Diocletianus' reign (from 284 to 305) marks the transition from the Roman era to the Eastern Byzantine in Egypt, when a large number of Egyptian Christians were persecuted. The New Testament is translated into Egyptian. After Chalcedon Council in 451, a separate Egyptian Copt church was firmly established. Eastern Rome regained control of Egypt after a brief invasion of Sassanid Persia in the early seventh century, the Persians placed Egypt as a province for 10 years (619–629). In 639–42, Egypt was conquered and conquered by Muslim Arabs. When the Arabs defeated the army of Eastern Rome in Egypt, they brought Sunni Muslims here. At the beginning of this period, the Egyptians began to mix new faith with indigenous beliefs and rituals, leading to many Sufi orders developed so far. [19] These rituals existed before the Coptian period.

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