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The Afghan government and international donors seem to want to focus on improving key areas of needs, infrastructure development, education, housing and economic reform. We were the best America had Vietnam Veteran shirt. The central government also focuses on improving the lax situation in payment of salaries and public spending. Reconstruction of the financial sector seems to take a long time to achieve success. Existing potential can be transferred to and from the country through official banking channels. Since 2003, more than fourteen new banks have been established in the country, including Standard Chartered Bank, Afghanistan International Bank, Kabul Bank, Azizi Bank, First MicroFinanceBank, and other banks. A new law on private investment has set a tax incentive period of three to seven years as well as a four-year period of export tax exemptions to encourage companies. Afghanistan is a full member of the South Asia Regional Cooperation Organization (SAARC) and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), regional organizations, as well as the Organization of Islamic Conferences.


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