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In 1738, Nader Shah and his army, consisting of four thousand Pashtuns and the Abdali family, conquered the Kandahar region; that same year he occupied Ghazni, Kabul and Lahore. Dachshund American Flag shirt. On June 19, 1747, Nader Shah was assassinated, perhaps by his nephew, Ali Qoli. That same year, one of Nader's military commanders and his personal bodyguard, Ahmad Shah Abdali, a Pashtun from the Abdali family, called for a loya jirga convention after the death of Nader Shah. . Afghans gathered in Kandahar and chose Ahmad Shah as king. Since then, he has often been considered the founder of modern Afghanistan. [2] [37] [38] After becoming king, he changed the title or family name to "Durrani", derived from the Persian Durr, meaning "Pearl".

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