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In 1856, Sultan received the Garter Medal, becoming the Seventh Garter Knight, and the 52nd Grand Cross of the Tower Medal and Sword. On August 25, 1854, the Ottoman court borrowed from foreign countries during the ongoing Crimean War. Lady Skull Sunflower shirt. The Ottoman court continued to borrow foreign debt in 1855, 1858 and 1860. Eventually, the Ottoman court defaulted. This default caused the Western European empire no longer sympathized with Turkey, and indirectly led to the coup and the death of King Abdülâziz I in the following years. Although he was a fair and benign emperor, he had been drinking alcohol since childhood. [2] At 39, Abdül Mecid I suffered from tuberculosis (similar to the old Mahmud II) and died on June 25, 1861 in the capital of Constantinople. In the same year, he built the Beylerbeyi Palace at the site of the old palace Beylerbeyi. [17] He was buried in Constantinople, near Sultan Selim III's tomb. His younger brother, Prince Abdülâziz - the oldest male in the Royal Family Osman - joined the throne. Sultan Abdül Mecid is a tall and slender person with beautiful skin, black hair and a short set. He owns a pair of eyes that look deep and dark brown. He is a well-educated person, he is very passionate about music and is also good at writing calligraphy.


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