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Lincoln turned to head of New Salem, then measured cadastral; all the time he was still passionate about reading. Eventually he decided to become a lawyer, began to study by poring over Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, and other law books. Happiness Is Being Gaga shirt. In terms of learning methods, Lincoln commented on himself: "I did not study anyone." [44] Lincoln succeeded in running for a second time in 1834. He entered the state legislature. After being admitted to the American Bar Association in 1836, [45] he moved to Springfield, Illinois to start practicing law under the guidance of John T. Stuart, a cousin of Mary Todd. [46] Gradually, Lincoln became a talented and successful lawyer. From 1841 to 1844, he collaborated with Stephen T. Logan, then with William Herndon, to evaluate Herndon as "a diligent young man". In 1841, Lincoln practiced law with William Herndon, a friend in the Whig Party. In 1856, two people joined the Republican Party. After Lincoln died, Herndon began collecting stories about Lincoln from people who knew him in Illinois, and published them in Herndon's Lincoln.


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