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In 1830, to avoid a new milk poisoning that erupted along the Ohio River, the Lincoln family moved west and settled on public lands in Macon County, Illinois, a state without slaves.Happiness is being an Omi shirt.  In 1831, Thomas brought his family to Coles County, Illinois. At that time, an aspiring young man at the age of 22, Lincoln decided to leave his family in search of a better life. He sailed down the Sangamon River to New Salem Village in Sangamon County. [22] In the spring of 1831, after hiring Lincoln, Denton Offutt, a New Salem merchant, and a group of friends, transported goods with barges from New Salem along the Sangamon and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. Here, for the first time witnessing slavery, Lincoln walked back home. In an autobiography, Lincoln described himself during this period - at the age of 20, left the remote mountain forest to find his way into the world - like "a strange, unfriendly, uneducated boy , not a penny


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