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In 1897, several years after its founding, Hai Phong had a population of 18,480. [24] The Hai Phong people carry bold imprints of the coastal people, who are often called the wind waves. I am A Game Of Thrones Aholic shirt, The inhabitants of Hai Phong coastal area (stretching from Thuy Nguyen district to present-day Vinh Bao district) are pioneers in the construction of the land called Hai Tan Phong Thu in the early years. Citadel when heroic hero Le Chan came here to build a base against the Dong Han army. But the history of formation and urban development Hai Phong seaport as today is really only interested properly in the second half of the nineteenth century when French colonialists accelerated the process of colonial exploitation in Indochina. This contributes to the diversity and complexity of the population here, with differences from many other localities in Vietnam at the same time.


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