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Hai Phong is an important port city, an industrial center and the largest seaport in northern Vietnam, and is also the economic, cultural, medical, educational, scientific, commercial and technological center of the Northern coastal region. Pineapple Goodbye Lesson Plan Hello Sun Tan shirt . This is the 3rd largest city in Vietnam, the second largest in the North after Hanoi and one of the 5 cities under the central government in Vietnam, is a first-class city, a regional and national center with Da Nang and Can Tho. Founded in 1888, Hai Phong is home to an important economic, social, information technology and security, defense position of the Northern region and the country, on two corridors - an integrated belt. China - China economic cooperation. Hai Phong is the northern sea transport hub. With the advantage of deep-water ports, shipping is very developed and is one of the growth engines of the Northern key economic region. Being an integrated economic, scientific and technical center of the Northern coastal region and one of the two development centers of the Northern key economic region. Hai Phong has many large industrial and commercial zones and a service, tourism, education, health and fisheries center of the northern coastal region of Vietnam. Hai Phong is a growth pole of the northern key economic triangle, including Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, outside the Hanoi Capital Region Planning. Hai Phong also holds the front position of the North, where the headquarters of Military Region 3, headquarters of the 1st Naval Division and the Naval Command of Vietnam are located.

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