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Superman's lover is Lois Lane, a reporter with the newsroom told him and later his wife. The superhuman enemy is Lex Luthor (on earth) and Darkseid (from the universe). As a close ally of Batman and Wonder Woman, Superman is considered a typical member of the Justice League. Goodbye Lesson Plan Hello Sun Tan shirt. Considered as the strongest character of the DC world, Superman has always been considered a true god. If there is no "blue stone" in hand, most people don't want an enemy to be Sup. Sup's abilities and powers are always intriguing and have been tweaked over time. Absorbing solar energy: As a Krypton, Superman has the power to absorb radiation from the golden sun to increase strength. But he became weak again if exposed to the red sun. Super power: Sup's physical strength limit is indeterminate. Initially vehicles, submarines, then slashed iron nails, crushed diamonds by hand, lifting the Galcier Mountains into the air. In the All-star Superman section, use a piece of dwarf with a mass of 200 billion billion tons to make the fortress of Solitude key and normally open with one hand. In the new 52, ​​Superman was also forced to lift weights equal to Earth (5 million billion billion tons) in five consecutive days. Back in the silver era, Sup accidentally sneezes a galaxy and pulls 1000 planets with a chain out of another galaxy. Superman also lifted Thor's hammer in a crossover between DC and Marvel and smashed Hulk in a crossover.



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