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Under Indonesia, the use of Portuguese was prohibited, but speaking was used in secret to show resistance, especially when communicating with the outside world. Biden 2020 I’m Behind You America shirt. This language, along with Tetum, gained importance as a symbol of opposition and freedom and was designated as one of the two official languages ​​for this reason, and as a link to the nations. Family in the world. It is now widely taught and promoted with the help of Brazil, Portugal and the Latin Association, although its promotion in public and administrative areas has met with opposition from young Timorians. educated under Indonesia. According to the 2006 UN Development Report (using data from the official census), less than 5% of Timor's population is fluent in Portuguese. However, the value of this report is questioned by members of the Timor National Language Institute, [48] definitively that the Portuguese language is said to be 25%, with the number of speakers doubling compared to 5. last year. Along with other indigenous languages, Tetum is still the most popular communication method among ordinary Timor people, while Indonesian is still widely used in media and schools from High School to University. The majority of the Tetum vocabulary comes from Portuguese, but it also shares many words derived from Indonesian Malay. Many Indonesian words still have regular routes in Tetum and other Timor languages, especially counting numbers.


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